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Fresh and Easy For Dinner

Posted by The Frugal Diva on January 13th, 2010

Just when I thought that everything had been done in the way of markets in comes a new kid on the block.  A little organic, a little convenience, a little gourmet grocery,  and a whole of savings.  There are so many wonderful Fresh & Easy products.  A bag of  frozen turkey meatballs this week for $5.99.  Add some tomato sauce, serve over pasta (99 cents this week), and open a bag of salad greens. That’s fresh, that’s easy.

Now if you want to get really, really easy and still stay really, really fresh.  We are talking about around $2.49 per person for lasagna with meat sauce to keep in your freezer. Cheaper then fast food and better for you.

Every week there are 98 cent produce packs.  Add a little excitement and use them in your cooking.  One week they had onions and red and green peppers. You can julienne slice them, saute, add some capers and olives. Set aside while you pan fry some tilapia and you have a nicoise style topping for your fish. Pick a pack of pears and pair with an interesting cheese for dessert. fresh-and-easy-produce-specials

Yes I did say they are a little gourmet.  Pick up organic teas, fresh juices, fresh baked goods, wine (not at all stores), cheeses, balsamic vinegar along with fresh produce, fish, and meat on your way home.  And they have great sauces – Thai Chili Lime, Smokey Barbecue- and a good selection of spices.  Even pet food for your pooch.  So much good stuff in such a manageable size market.

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Smaller then a supermarket, more fresh food then a convenience store-this chain is a winner for the Frugal Diva.

Disclaimer: Fresh and Easy occasionally sends The Frugal Diva samples of their products.

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