[Linket] Your Mobile Brand

At this moment in time you may get your very own [linket] for FREE and maintain it without cost for a year after launch. We all need a quick and easy way to be recognized on our mobile devices.  [linket] is about empowering individuals by providing them with an authenticated personalized brand within a mobile app. Plus, there is a wide range of personal and professional information that one can include in the wording of your [linket]. You can be [Bob Smith Best Driver In LA] or [Mary Fixes Your Tech Problems Fast].

You have many options including

  1. Uppercase and lowercase characters.
  2. white space
  3. apostrophe
  4. non-ascii characters. The accent over the e
  5. most languages are supported

Gig economy workers can schedule work directly with interested customers and maintain a closer connection. Gamers will provide a [linket] to those who pay to play or just watch the leaders play. Everyone needs to stand out in this time of information overload. [linket] is the best and most efficient way to reach your unique market via mobile.

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Please email susan@linket.info if you have any questions.