Movie Pass

Update! They now only allow three movies a month, there is some same day e ticketing, and some chains have opted out. Please check their site to see if this has changed.

The Frugal Diva always heard that if a deal was too good to be true – run don’t walk. When I first heard about, it seemed like there must be a catch.  Here in Los Angeles, movies are reaching the skies in terms of pricing. On average, a movie costs between $10 and $15 so as soon as we go to one film the monthly fee has been utilized.

Friends told me about this and here are the questions I asked.

Where do I sign up?

On the website you register and enter your credit card. Within a short time you will receive your Movie Pass Card.

How do I get the tickets?

You need to be at the theater and check into the movie on the free Movie Pass app on your phone. Give the cashier your Movie Pass Card and get your ticket. If there is reserved seating, you will choose your seat along with getting your ticket. At first, I was the only one doing this. Now there is a small crowd of movie passers in the lobby getting ready to see a film.

This may not last forever, they may raise their monthly fees but for now you might as well enjoy the show.