A graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, Susan Kessler began her career in graphic design on a small scale for greeting card and T-shirt companies.  In Los Angeles, she worked in the corporate sector as Director of Visual Marketing for French Rags, a women’s custom clothing company.

One day she decided to follow her passions and they took her to the 99 Cent Store, DSW, and countless other bargains.  She wanted to share this ability to find great things at the best prices with others and The Frugal Diva was born.

Raised in Chicago, her upbringing was that you bought everything on sale and used what you had before buying a new one.  There was a period of rebellion were things were bought for the sake of buying.  She shopped, she splurged, she ate at places that were overpriced and overrated.  However, very quickly it felt like too much for too little and there was no excitement.  It lacked creativity.

Now suddenly, she finds herself in style.  Buying only seasonal produce what could be more current and more frugal. Cleaning and repurposing jars as storage containers what could be more ecological and more frugal.  Walking or bicycling to do your errands what could be more conservationist and more frugal.

The Frugal Divas of the world will not only save a few dollars, they just might save the planet.

When not pursuing bargains, Susan loves to cook, enjoys yoga classes, and in 2003 received her 1st Degree Black Belt from Champions Martial Arts. She is a past president of the NU Club of Los Angeles and serves on the board as Membership Chair.  And of course, none of this would be possible without The Frugal Dude – her supportive husband and all around great guy.