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Gourmet Recipes At Low Prices

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 3rd March 2013

There’s no place like home and that is especially true for great meals at the best prices. The Frugal Diva loves the whole process of making dinner. First lovingly finding the nicest potatoes, the freshest chicken, and the juiciest peaches. Secondly integrating them into the refrigerator and pantry. Thirdly cooking them with the Frugal Dude for a great meal. The cooking part used to involve cookbooks however now the internet has a plethora of sites that offer recipes.  Recipes need to meet several criteria – low on the fat, easy to find inexpensive ingredients, and be delicious.

Working my way through the Broke Ass Gourmet, I found so many different variations of easy to cook, yummy, and light on the pocketbook recipes. The Lemon-Leek Chicken Legs barely seemed like any work and the total cost of came to $5 per person (prices will vary depending on your market). Add a side of brown rice or a salad for a full dinner.  For a dinner party, try the Lamb Tagine, where you serve four for under $20. Watch her video and learn how to make fresh spring rolls.

Thanks to Gabi Moskowitz for the inspiration to keep making healthy, flavorful and interesting meals at home!

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