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Mother’s Day Shopping

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 23rd April 2013

There are so many mothers these days. Between moms, grand-moms, step-moms, step-grandmoms, moms-in-law, step moms-in-law, surrogate moms, egg donors moms, birth moms, and Heather has two moms, it’s time to start shopping.  It is under three weeks away and if your mother is out of town quickly get to the Internet and save.

Shoppers are forecasted to spend a million hours shopping online for gifts. Time is very valuable. So is money. Coupon & savings expert Jon Lal (founder of BeFrugal.com) has these money and time saving Mother’s Day gift ideas:

· Send her electronic love. Ecards are free and can be personalized then scheduled to send on Mother’s Day.

· Treat her to sweets. Dining out does not have to be expensive if you go out just for dessert!

· Give your time. Consider doing something she will appreciate like chores, mowing the lawn, or something else.

· Toast to her. Check for rebates on alcohol like champagne, wine and more.

· Show her you listen. Mothers want the best for their kids and teach them lessons, like the value of a dollar. Use a coupon and shop smart if you buy her a gift.

Check my post about  magazine subscriptions or get her a museum membership for ideas that last all year long.

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I Promise To Love, Honor, And Have A Discount Wedding

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 27th March 2013

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to acknowledge that you are in love, starting out of a new path, and have the attention of everyone in the room.

First choice, decide how many.  There are two options, just the immediate family or 150 guests. How do I get to that equation? Everyone who has invited you to their wedding, your cousins, your neighbors, your family’s neighbors, and there are two of you-so unless one of you was found on the doorstep of an orphanage or raised by wolves-double all numbers. If you are going to stay with just parents, brothers and sisters, children, and grandparents you may stop reading here.

The rest of you suckers for that big day, let us move forward. Invitations – hand engraved on parchment by a professional calligrapher – no way!!  Printed on your ink jet using nice colored paper from the Paper Source or the envelopemall.com - yes way!! Get some transparent labels for the addresses – print two copies so you can use the second one for the Thank You notes.  Print your own return address labels for the RSVP envelopes and the outside envelopes.  Even more eco friendly are on line invite services.

We all love beautiful flowers. Here is the truth about flowers – they are very expensive and die in three to four days. This is not the kind of investment you want to make. Here are some great options. Living baby roses in a beautiful container.  this is a great tip from Sasha Taylor owner of Bodhi Babies – buy inexpensive glass bowl shaped vases, fill them with water, float a few small candles and then add a few roses or another flower to glide prettily in the water.  Sasha also added color by buying two small ficus trees and strategically placing roses in the leaves. Later use them in your apartment or plant them in your garden. Remember a small spash of color makes a great impression.

You can learn how to make a bouquet from a DIY internet site. Another tradition that I just loved. As the bride walks down the aisle, her friends each handed her a flower that she placed in a embroidered cloth holder. Everyone got to participate and she had a beautiful spontaneous bouquet.

Feeding your guests is the major expense. Remember many restaurants and venues will give substantial discounts for off day weddings. If everyone is local a week night is a possibility.  Or possibly one of your friends has a large home, common room in their condo, or work area space that can be used. Creativity is the key to savings.

First, second or third time around, this can be a fun day without breaking the bank.

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