Mother’s Day Shopping

There are so many mothers these days. Between moms, grand-moms, step-moms, step-grandmoms, moms-in-law, step moms-in-law, surrogate moms, egg donors moms, birth moms, and Heather has two moms, it’s time to start shopping.  It is under three weeks away and if your mother is out of town quickly get to the Internet and save.

Shoppers are forecasted to spend a million hours shopping online for gifts. Time is very valuable. So is money. Coupon & savings expert Jon Lal (founder of has these money and time saving Mother’s Day gift ideas:

· Send her electronic love. Ecards are free and can be personalized then scheduled to send on Mother’s Day.

· Treat her to sweets. Dining out does not have to be expensive if you go out just for dessert!

· Give your time. Consider doing something she will appreciate like chores, mowing the lawn, or something else.

· Toast to her. Check for rebates on alcohol like champagne, wine and more.

· Show her you listen. Mothers want the best for their kids and teach them lessons, like the value of a dollar. Use a coupon and shop smart if you buy her a gift.

Check my post about  magazine subscriptions or get her a museum membership for ideas that last all year long.