Sales Shopping Tips

It seems the whole world is on sale all the time and you can’t go wrong. That is if you follow the Frugal Diva rules.

1. The most expensive item in your closet is the one you never wear – even if it’s reduced by 50% with another 30% off and you have an extra 10% off coupon.  Anything not in your size, in a color you never wear, or for a sport you never play is a reminder that “on sale” doesn’t always mean saving money.

2. Do you really need it? If it’s in black, you probably do. However if you already have ten black T shirts, more black pants than you can count, and black jackets in velvet, linen, cotton, and wool. Maybe you don’t.

3. Kitchen accessories are tempting. The Food Network and Top Chef have given us souffle dreams.  Think about the reality of your meals.  Will you be pureeing asparagus for a sauce? Making a ten layer torte?  Preparing a turduckan?  Then you don’t want to invest in an inversion blender, more baking accessories, and an extra large roasting pan.

4. At the grocery store, there are always discounts. When marketing think healthy. Two boxes of oatmeal at half price – good buy. Two boxes of Fruit Loops at half price – no way.  Low fat ground turkey that can be frozen for turkey burgers, meat loaf and chili – yes! Doughnuts reduced to ten for a dollar – no!

5. Looking for ways to organize your home.  You might not need to buy mass produced storage items. It’s more fun to use your creativity. Re-purpose items already there. Use holiday tins to hold hair accessories,  save small jars for buying bulk spices, or old mugs for pencils on your desk.

6. About to buy some books online at a discount. There is a place that has free books, ebooks, DVDs, and many times free wifi.  It’s called the public library.

7. White sales are great.  This is an easy way to redecorate without spending too much. If your bed clothes need refreshing, new duvet covers, sheets, and towels will make a bedroom and bathroom feel new for a minimum expense.

8. The most important rule – think before you spend.


  1. Patricia Streeter | 26th Jan 12

    I completely agree with you about the pitfalls of sales. Everyone has something that is sitting in there closet that has never seen the light of day.

    I remember when I was 16 I bought this white tube top with gold trim for $9.99. It seemed like a great purchase at the time; however, I don’t have anything to with it. Alas, I was duped and the store made a profit.

    Today, I’ve learned to be more careful with items on sale

  2. The Frugal Diva | 28th Jan 12

    We’ve all been there. Thank you for telling us about your experience and the lesson learned.

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