Recipes That Make Camping Feel Like Glamping

From food and drinks to accommodation and entertainment, there are various things that can turn your regular camping trip into a luxury experience full of comfort and fun. So, what is the recipe for organizing a perfect “glamping” trip? Take a look!

Boost your comfort

We all know those tiny tents that make you crawl to your uncomfy bed. Well, forget all about that nightmare and invest in a glamping tent or a yurt that allows you to stand up all the way around! Also, get a model that’s twice as big as you actually need (if there’s four of you, get an eight-person tent). After a few days, you’ll appreciate the extra space! You can also improve your sleeping situation with a high inflatable mattress and cozy winter linen.


Work on your seating game

Camping is all about spending time outside, but you still need comfy seating. No matter if you’re planning to spend your days sunbathing, curled up with a glass of wine or stargazing, you’ll need good chairs. Pick a sturdy model that will not start rocking and squeaking after only one day. You can also check out portable hammocks for midday naps!

Arrive in style

Glamping involves a bit more things than a normal camping trip, so you’ll have to find appropriate transport that will make your trip smooth and comfortable from the moment you embark to the moment you return home. Practical SUVs like the ones you can find here will be perfect for your glamping trip. They are spacious, comfy and strong enough to pull a trailer full of your camping necessities. Plus, they will look amazing parked in front of your tent!

Improve your menu

Sure, BBQ and S’mores are traditional camping foods: beloved by everyone, cheap and easy to prepare. But, where’s the sophistication in that? So, instead of settling for burgers, try something different this camping trip. For instance, why not prepare a Dutch oven lasagna or baked salmon? Finish your meal with a peach cobbler of healthy granola bars! Extra work will definitely pay off!

Try glamping cocktails

Beers and wine are also must-have camping menu items, but don’t stop there. Add a little something- something to your glamping trip with fun cocktails! Grilled Chiller is a perfect choice for the summer (it mixes two best things about camping: grills and alcohol) but so is Mojito. On the other hand, if you’re camping out-of-season, try Pumpkin Buttered Rum or spiked apple cider!

Light it up

In order to set just the right atmosphere for your glamping, don’t forget to bring a few cute lighting options. Sure, campfire is nice, but solar powered fairy lights and a few lanterns placed around your campsite will launch your trip into a whole other level! You can also bring a few scented candles that will additionally boost the romance. Just watch out around fire, especially if you decide to take it into your tent!

Make yourself at home

Just a few homely items like a bouquet of fresh flowers, a practical mirror and soft rugs will make your nature stay much more comfortable and glamorous. So, make sure to think outside the box and improve your trip with these goodies. Before you embark, check out thrift shops and flea markets and you’ll surely find a few perfect additions to your trip for only a few dollars!


Bring fun with you

There’s nothing better than fun outdoor games with your friends. Bring a few balls with you and organize a soccer tournament or play charades. However, you can also try something a bit different (and more posh!). Create a bocce ball court or glow-in-the-dark bowling alley. You can even bring some tech with you and have an outdoor movie night with a projector and a screen. You’re glamping after all!

Who says every nature outing involves living like a hermit and eating nothing but burgers! If you feel like you deserve a camping trip that will be a pleasant treat to all your senses, definitely give glamping a shot!

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