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  • The Resource Center

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 26th February 2013

    Sun Trust Bank has gone back to the tradition of helping consumers save money.  They know that even a small lifestyle change helps you put money into the bank.  This is how we used to live.  Yes, we bought things after we could afford them not before. This allowed you to sleep at night and divas need their beauty sleep.

    Frugality does not mean deprivation. It means creativity.  It involves finding what you need at the best price.  Going to the museum on free days.  Having friends over for a book club. Or how about a movie club where you rent a movie and discuss it afterwards over a pot luck dinner.  Knowing that everything goes on sale eventually. And maybe you don’t need it anyway. The Resource Center has articles about budgeting, starting a vegetable garden, and figuring out how to trim the fat from your budget.  Guess what by not having so many snacks out, walking places, and being active fat gets trimmed in other places.  That’s a win-win for every diva.

    They now have a website The Resource Center with good advice  about health costs, relationship money issues, college tuition, financial tools, and all manner of money issues.

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    Financial Tips From Live Solid

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 11th April 2012

    Frugal Divas have questions about a variety of financial issues but often don’t know who to ask or have enough time or money to meet with an expert. In response, SunTrust is offering a select group of experts for a live webinar series to address questions from consumers. The “How Can We Help You Live Solid?” webinar series launches Thursday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m. EST on the Live Solid Facebook page.

    The first installment of the series features John Rhett, Chairman of SunTrust Investment Services. As tax season reaches its peak, most consumers have considered the state of their financial outlook. This is the perfect time to take a holistic look and determine how best to invest and save for the future. In the first Facebook webinar, Rhett will share tips about how to use your tax return to get started with investing for your future.  He will discuss how to invest in today’s market, easy steps to improve your investment plan, the benefits of reevaluating your portfolio and more.

    In the coming weeks, as home-buying season and spring renovations kick into high gear, Live Solid will host two more live chats to connect online viewers with SunTrust and industry experts on home equity and mortgages. Interested viewers are invited to submit questions in advance of each webinar.

    To learn more about the series and submit questions, visit the Live Solid Facebook page. For dates and times of upcoming webinars, follow Live Solid on Facebook or @LiveSolid on Twitter.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you get a whole lot more!

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    Live Solid Contest For Financial Resolutions

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 4th January 2012

    This year, SunTrust is making a resolution: to help clients live more solid lifestyles. As part of that goal, SunTrust is launching the Solid Resolutions contest to motivate people by providing a forum for them to share their financial resolutions.

    Few things are as motivating as telling others about a commitment, and that’s exactly what SunTrust is asking fans to do. Share how you resolve to live more financially-solid in 2012 and you’ll be registered in a drawing for one of four $100 SunTrust Visa® gift cards. Additionally, SunTrust will select one grand prize winner to receive a $5,000 package: a $2,500 SunTrust Visa® gift card to use now, a $2,500 SunTrust Bank1 certificate of deposit (CD) to save for later, and a consultation with a SunTrust financial advisor.

    SunTrust invites people to consider what’s holding them back and what they’ve resolved to change. What financial baggage do you have and how do you resolve to cut it loose? What luxuries will you forego in 2012 to put more money in your savings account? Motivate yourself and others by sharing your goals for 2012 through the Solid Resolutions Live Solid Facebook contest. Also, read through previously submitted resolutions to find out what’s important to other SunTrust clients in the coming year.

    To enter, go to the SunTrust Live Solid Facebook page and click on the “Contests” tab.  Then, enter the contest by submitting your 2012 financial resolution.

    Submissions will be accepted from January 3 at 12:00 p.m. (EST) until January 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). Weekly winners will be announced each Monday during the contest. Winner of the grand prize will be notified February 1, 2012.

    To learn more about the contest rules, click here. Learn more about Live Solid at, join the conversation on Facebook or follow @LiveSolid on Twitter.

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