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Sun Trust Bank has gone back to the tradition of helping consumers save money.  They know that even a small lifestyle change helps you put money into the bank.  This is how we used to live.  Yes, we bought things after we could afford them not before. This allowed you to sleep at night and divas need their beauty sleep.

Frugality does not mean deprivation. It means creativity.  It involves finding what you need at the best price.  Going to the museum on free days.  Having friends over for a book club. Or how about a movie club where you rent a movie and discuss it afterwards over a pot luck dinner.  Knowing that everything goes on sale eventually. And maybe you don’t need it anyway. The Resource Center has articles about budgeting, starting a vegetable garden, and figuring out how to trim the fat from your budget.  Guess what by not having so many snacks out, walking places, and being active fat gets trimmed in other places.  That’s a win-win for every diva.

They now have a website The Resource Center with good advice  about health costs, relationship money issues, college tuition, financial tools, and all manner of money issues.


  1. Anna | 30th Nov 09

    Great post in a great blog. 🙂

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