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  • The Resource Center

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 26th February 2013

    Sun Trust Bank has gone back to the tradition of helping consumers save money.  They know that even a small lifestyle change helps you put money into the bank.  This is how we used to live.  Yes, we bought things after we could afford them not before. This allowed you to sleep at night and divas need their beauty sleep.

    Frugality does not mean deprivation. It means creativity.  It involves finding what you need at the best price.  Going to the museum on free days.  Having friends over for a book club. Or how about a movie club where you rent a movie and discuss it afterwards over a pot luck dinner.  Knowing that everything goes on sale eventually. And maybe you don’t need it anyway. The Resource Center has articles about budgeting, starting a vegetable garden, and figuring out how to trim the fat from your budget.  Guess what by not having so many snacks out, walking places, and being active fat gets trimmed in other places.  That’s a win-win for every diva.

    They now have a website The Resource Center with good advice  about health costs, relationship money issues, college tuition, financial tools, and all manner of money issues.

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    5 DIY Projects to Cut Your Utility Bill

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 30th January 2013

    Some money saving tips from Katie White, a writer and handywoman from DIY Mother who is passionate about self-reliance and conservation. She takes pride in making her home a more sustainable and comfortable place for her husband and two kids. She lives in Dallas.

    Especially if you live in an older home, you’re likely already feeling the pain of winter utility bills; but a weekend’s worth of work could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of this winter. Here are a couple of quick, easy, and cheap DIY projects you can tackle, by yourself or as a family, to save on your next round of utility bills.

    1. Give your home an energy audit

    Getting a professional audit is ideal, but they can be a bit pricey (unless your local utility company offers incentives—check first), so consider doing a home energy audit yourself. Start by checking for air leaks. Do this in the obvious places like doors and windows and feel for a draft. If you want to be thorough, borrow a fog machine and use a box fan to blow the smoke at the area you’re inspecting. Check outside to see where the leaks are. Also check and upgrade the insulation in your home, specifically the attic—look for any leaks, and ensure you have a vapor barrier. Uncle Sam says this could save you anywhere from 5-30 percent on your next bill, so the effort is well worth it.

    2. Shag-insulate your fridge

    This might seem weird, but it’s popping up all over the green blogosphere. All you need is some spare carpet, insulation board and heavy duty tape! Cover the top and sides of the fridge with insulation board, followed by a layer of carpet. Next add a layer of carpet to your fridge and freezer doors, and you’re done! The fridge can account for up to 20 percent of your electric bill each month, so this can be a great way to cut your electric bill. For extra credit, you can further improve your fridge’s efficiency by keeping it as full as possible—this causes less air flow when you open the door, and therefore, less energy loss.

    3. Heater and A/C maintenance

    Keep the intake and area around your furnace filter clean and dirt free. Replace your air filter at the beginning of the heater season, and about once every three months during regular use. Clear tall grass and bushes from around your A/C unit, and clean the fins gently with a soft brush (be careful, these are easily damaged). You can also clean the inner coils with a garden hose—they’re designed to be left out in the rain, so you won’t damage them. Air conditioner repair and heater servicing, especially anything involving your coolant or gas lines, should be done by professionals, but basic upkeep can make your system much less expensive to run, and reduce the need for professional servicing.

    4. Set up VOIP (internet phone calls)

    Voice over IP is pretty simple to set up: first, make sure your computer has speakers and a microphone, as well as a reliable internet connection. Then create a Google Voice account (which will be linked to your Gmail) and you’ll be ready to go! Other services like Skype work well and offer video calls, and because both are free or near-free (international calls will still cost a few cents per minute) you’ll be ready to finally ditch your home phone company. If you have an unlimited data plan for your cell phone, reduce your minutes and texts as much as your provider will allow, and link your phone to Google Voice, using your plan’s data to make all your texts and calls.

    5. Wrap up your water heater

    It’s been repeatedly proven by agencies like the Iowa Center for Energy that the extra insulation a water heater blanket offers can reduce the energy consumption of a water heater by up to 45 percent(!) Pricier blankets go for $25, and you’ll make that up in as little as 3 months. All you need is said blanket, and a utility knife to cut it to size, and you’re ready to go. Always check your owner’s manual first, but unless your unit is brand new and it specifically says to not add one, you’ll benefit from this cheap DIY fix.

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    The Thrill of the Hunt

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 14th October 2008

    There are people you call when you want to find the best dentist, there are people who know every historical fact. I am the person you call when you want something and you want it at the best price.

    Other people can just put down their money and shop. Where is the thrill without the hunt? The hunt means that you not only got what you wanted, you got it at the right price. This involves paying attention to the rumble in the jungle. As your quarry – great shoes, the latest jacket, movie tickets, books – comes into view you start to strategically plan. Is this a store where I get double points, are we close to the final sale time, do I belong to the club, is there a coupon that will be helpful?

    The Frugal Diva will help you find all the possibilities. Sometimes to maintain the diva lifestyle we need to be frugal. And please remember frugal means thrifty not cheap. It means being clever and creative so you can maximize your dollars for the good things in life.

    Today we will start with something simple. There is a place with free books, free DVDs, free magazines, free books on CD, free Internet and use of reference materials. This place is called the public library.

    I live in Los Angeles and the public libraries have provided me with reading material, books on CD, magazines, and fantastic DVDs. I particularly liked the Louis Malle documentaries and The Simpsons Movie.  I listened to Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley on CD during a long drive.  I looked through two months of Martha Stewart Living.  Having a problem with your Internet? Just scurry over and use the library computers to answer your email. Take a chance on a new author, catch up on classics, take out a movie, find a book on a DIY project, the possibilities are endless. Bring the kids to take out an armful of children’s books. The library is recycling at its best.

    This is just the beginning. Frugal Divas Unite – we have nothing to lose and a whole lot to save!

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