The Thrill of the Hunt

There are people you call when you want to find the best dentist, there are people who know every historical fact. I am the person you call when you want something and you want it at the best price.

Other people can just put down their money and shop. Where is the thrill without the hunt? The hunt means that you not only got what you wanted, you got it at the right price. This involves paying attention to the rumble in the jungle. As your quarry – great shoes, the latest jacket, movie tickets, books – comes into view you start to strategically plan. Is this a store where I get double points, are we close to the final sale time, do I belong to the club, is there a coupon that will be helpful?

The Frugal Diva will help you find all the possibilities. Sometimes to maintain the diva lifestyle we need to be frugal. And please remember frugal means thrifty not cheap. It means being clever and creative so you can maximize your dollars for the good things in life.

Today we will start with something simple. There is a place with free books, free DVDs, free magazines, free books on CD, free Internet and use of reference materials. This place is called the public library.

I live in Los Angeles and the public libraries have provided me with reading material, books on CD, magazines, and fantastic DVDs. I particularly liked the Louis Malle documentaries and The Simpsons Movie.  I listened to Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley on CD during a long drive.  I looked through two months of Martha Stewart Living.  Having a problem with your Internet? Just scurry over and use the library computers to answer your email. Take a chance on a new author, catch up on classics, take out a movie, find a book on a DIY project, the possibilities are endless. Bring the kids to take out an armful of children’s books. The library is recycling at its best.

This is just the beginning. Frugal Divas Unite – we have nothing to lose and a whole lot to save!


  1. Princess PoodlePoo | 3rd Nov 08

    Princess PoodlePoo agrees wholeheartedly with the Frugal Diva. A penny saved is a penny earned!!!

  2. Lolo | 19th Jan 09

    i for one am a card carrying member of the san francisco, oakland and berkeley public libraries. it feels like getting tons of cool stuff for free….

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