Malibu For The Rest Of Us

This is for natives and tourists.

There are many places to spend big bucks in Malibu however enjoy this beautiful town for an afternoon and spend less then $20 per person for a day vacation. The Adamson House Tour is a guided tour through the house which contains its original furnishings and is decorated with the renowned Malibu Potteries tile. Trained volunteer docents relate the history of the house, details of its architecture and furnishings, and the history of the family that lived in and created this distinctive home. And what does this all cost -$5.00 per person includes a house tour.

The Malibu Lagoon Museum adjoins the Adamson House and contains a collection of artifacts, rare photographs and documents depicting the colorful history of Malibu. The museum tour takes the visitor from the early Chumash Indian era through the Spanish California culture. Here is an excellent opportunity to relive the genteel and romantic ranching days of the famed Rindge and Adamson families. Learn about dramatic episodes in Malibu’s rich history: the Malibu Railroad; the 17-year legal battle over a Malibu highway; the Malibu movie colony; the Malibu Dam, and much, much more. Admission to the Museum is free.

Take a walk through the Cross Creek Malibu Country Mart outdoor shopping center (the parking is free). Now there are a lot of upscale eateries in Malibu however there are many great choices for the Frugal Divas among us. Malibu Howdy’s Taqueria in Cross Creek village has counter service and most items on the menu are under $10 and they are fantastic. Great tacos, great salads, and great breakfasts if you get there before eleven thirty.  There is a Starbucks for those just in the mood for caffeine and a snack.

Travel about a mile and a half further up the coast and try Malibu Seafood Company (they have a free parking lot) on PCH. Counter service with most items around $10 (I had an out of this world ahi tuna burger with fries for $8.95), grilled seafood dinners around $15. They have their own parking lot. Fabulous location across the street from the beach. Go to the upper deck seating for the best ocean view.

Beautiful museum, enjoy the laid back atmosphere, walk where the stars really shop, and great food all make Malibu a fun day away for Los Angelenos in need of an ocean view and a relaxed atmosphere. A great view into SoCal living for tourists.