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  • Valentine’s Day 2016

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 27th January 2016

    Here is a holiday designed for spending money-flowers, chocolates, overpriced restaurant meals rivaled only by New Year’s Eve. Let’s put a stop to this right now. Flowers will die (and quite quickly), chocolates and a heavy meal will only stand in the way of romance. After a five course meal and dessert, The Frugal Diva is not in the mood for romance. If she wants to unbutton her dress, it’s simply to get a bit of breathing space.

    That’s why The Frugal Dude knows to spend Valentine’s Day dining at a great Chinese restaurant. In Los Angeles, we might head over to Monterey Park after checking out the Yelp reviews or go to the old school restaurants in Chinatown. This is also a great night to get sushi, Greek, Thai or any other ethnic group that is still not planning an over the top and over priced experience.Even better, rent a movie, prepare a meal together, and I’ll leave it to your imagination what to have for dessert.

    The dreaded holiday of Valentine’s Day looms like a dark cloud on the horizon for singles. This year it falls on Sunday and before President’s Day which means an entire weekend of love, hearts, and hiding behind the curtains for the uncoupled. The Frugal Diva says come out into the sunshine and make plans to party. Get together single friends for a potluck and have each of them bring another single. You may enter with a vegetarian casserole and leave with a new relationship, friendship, or recipe. It’s better than weeping into a microwaved meal.

    Let’s not restrict love just to the narrow definition of one on one. Now I’m not talking about anything kinky, though that is a personal choice. What about finding a soup kitchen, hospital, senior center, or shelter that needs volunteers? If you are looking for options, check out my post.

    Now there is also self love. No, not what you are thinking. Well, maybe but that’s another personal choice. The Frugal Diva means to find a yoga class or go for a walk weather permitting, take a bubble bath, and relax with a good book. It’s okay to ignore your phone, computer, television, and all other flashing lights for an evening.

    There is nothing worse than watching a co worker swoon over a dozen roses from their fiancée. What if we revert back to the classroom habit of getting everyone something? If you work in a small to mid size office, bake some brownies, after they cool arrange them by twos in a goody bag, tie off with a red ribbon, and deliver to every desk on Friday before Valentine’s Day

    All these ideas have a few things in common. They involve minimal expense. They take a bit of imagination. They connect you to others or reconnect you with yourself. Isn’t that what love is all about?

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    Valentine’s Day Frugal Tips

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 28th January 2013

    True love means never over spending to impress someone. Coupon & savings expert Jon Lal – founder of – provides the following money-saving tips for Valentine’s Day:

    • In an effort to save, many will make gifts. This is fine if you enjoy doing so, but consider the cost of your time as you make cookies, an old-fashioned homemade paper valentine or write a poem. Using technology can help you save time, while remaining original. You can publish a free iTunes playlist of love songs or use the app Songify to create your own love song.
    • If you’d rather purchase a gift, create a budget and consider gift ideas before shopping. After you have a plan, shop online so you can save more money. Always look for a free promo code for a discount or free shipping plus shop through a cash back site to earn cash back for free. You can often combine a discount and earn Cash Back.  Plus, if you pay with a rewards credit card, you can also accumulate some points. Just be sure to pay that off so you avoid interest.
    • Even those on a budget can treat their sweetie to a night out. Be sure to check for a restaurant coupon and consider dining out for dessert only to reduce your spending.

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    Valentine’s Day Activities

    Posted by The Frugal Diva on 8th February 2012

    Could there be anything more romantic then watching the Westminster Dog Show and cuddling with your sweetie, family, or animal companion? It starts on Monday and culminates on Tuesday night when they crown the doggie Miss (or Mr.) America.

    If you feel like spreading the love, volunteer at a local organization.  If you are single, try serving dinner at a soup kitchen. After the first few minutes, you’ll forget about being dateless. Or better yet, get some friends together and go as a group.

    Since it’s a Tuesday night, it might be more fun to rent a romantic movie, pick up some salmon and make this great recipe at home.

    Fresh & Easy has a dozen roses for $11.99 ,  lobster ravioli for dinner, and some fresh strawberries along with chocolate truffles for dessert.

    For those who love the environmentally conscious, a big thank you to Max Goldberg for putting together this list of organic chocolates and treats.

    If you do wish to indulge, many restaurants are serving their specials all weekend long. Check out Open Table for the places in your area.

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