Valentine’s Day Activities

Could there be anything more romantic then watching the Westminster Dog Show and cuddling with your sweetie, family, or animal companion? It starts on Monday and culminates on Tuesday night when they crown the doggie Miss (or Mr.) America.

If you feel like spreading the love, volunteer at a local organization.  If you are single, try serving dinner at a soup kitchen. After the first few minutes, you’ll forget about being dateless. Or better yet, get some friends together and go as a group.

Since it’s a Tuesday night, it might be more fun to rent a romantic movie, pick up some salmon and make this great recipe at home.

Fresh & Easy has a dozen roses for $11.99 ,  lobster ravioli for dinner, and some fresh strawberries along with chocolate truffles for dessert.

For those who love the environmentally conscious, a big thank you to Max Goldberg for putting together this list of organic chocolates and treats.

If you do wish to indulge, many restaurants are serving their specials all weekend long. Check out Open Table for the places in your area.