Why Not?

Resolutions are easy to make and difficult to keep. Make this a year of small steps. Doable changes. Appreciate the bite of an apple, smile at your neighbor, and be kind whenever possible.

Why not have a potluck dinner or brunch once a month and everyone brings a writes down their recipe? Start a potluck dinner club and send everyone an email copy of the recipes. Choose a theme such as healthy versions of classics, economical dishes that tastes great, or ethnic food.

Why not attend a public hearing of your city council? Become more informed and meet the people who run your community.

Why not call ten people in your field and start an informal group? Meet once every month or two and discuss new issues that have come up in your industry, how you are dealing with stress, and what new opportunities are out there.

Why not take a spending fast? Buy only what you need for a week, two weeks, or a month.

Why  not take a walk? It is better to do one small thing to improve your health then not do many big things that you planned.

Why  not eat more fruit and vegetables? Small steps lead to a healthier life style.

Why not get up in the morning and smile at the day? Eventually something funny will happen.

A little here, a little there, make this the year a small dream comes true.