Laemmle Ticket Discounts

If you like independent and foreign films, you will love the Laemmle Theaters. Now they have decided to return your affections. They offer a bulk package of 25 tickets for $150 on their website At $6 apiece, this is a great deal!  Split them up and slip two or more  into a Birthday card for a great gift or use them for holiday stocking stuffers.

Now since this is a big upfront price, maybe share it with a fellow movie fan or fans.  Or use the tickets a nice surprise for someone special.

You can form a movie club – five people can go five times and meet for coffee afterwards to discuss the films.  Since the tickets don’t expire, you can set the pace – once a week or once a month.  See “Margin Call” and “The Ides of March” to discuss social issues.   See “J.Edgar” and discuss the moral aspects of decision making.  Since this is Los Angeles, discuss the screenplays and how they can be improved. Catch up on Oscar selections, learn why other people like films that you hate or hate films that you love, and have fun.  This would be a $30 dollar per person investment for five movies, intellectual stimulation, and social activity.

Laemmles Frequent Movie Goer Tickets save you $100 off the admission charge, are good at any Laemmle Theatre, are good on any day, and never expire. There are a few restrictions so please read the web page before buying.

Check out their website for other savings and if you are eligible go for Student Sundays, all shows that start after 6pm on Sundays, Students with ID are $7 AND popcorn: $1 for Small, $1.50 for Medium and $2.00 for Large: (Students with ID only),   Senior Wednesdays or join the Sneak Preview club for free advance screenings.