KMart For Cashmere

Really you ask, is this where a diva goes shopping?  It is when they have beautiful cashmere sweaters online for $35.99. That means one for you and one for gift giving.

And the colors are fabulous, rich purple, hot pink, deep red and the basics – black, grey, and  dark brown.  The styles are classics with a V neck and a cute cardigan with matching buttons.  Imagine a pink cardigan with a beautiful pair of black or textured pants and you are dressed up for the holidays. Maybe a purple turtleneck with jeans for a fun week end look.  Jaclyn Smith you are still an angel for these great buys.

Now while I was in cashmere heaven, the Frugal Dude wandered into men’s wear and found a warm (by Los Angeles standards), water resistant winter jacket for $25 and great gloves with insulation for $7. Since we seem to be having more winter then usual, this was a super buy. In general men’s wear looked sturdy and I loved the Basic Edition sports wear including a long sleeve layering tee Right now it is $11.99 on line. and about the same price in store.

Save on the men’s wear and splurge on the cashmere, after all we are The Frugal Divas and we need a little softness in our lives.  Happy hunting!