Some people love the quaint bed and breakfast, the old style rooms with mismatched furniture, and the ministrations of a cheery staff.  These people are not me. Do they really expect me to talk to strangers in the morning, go without television for the night, and return every day to chat with the owners?  Please just give me your basic hotel room – clean, with modern bathrooms, cable TV, mostly free parking and mostly free breakfasts.

What chains lacks in charm they make up for in convenience, dependability and free Wifi. Find one that has a wide range of low priced choices and stick with it for the loyalty program rewards. My favorite is  Marriott which represents many different brands – Courtyard, Fairfield, Renaissance, Springhill Suites – just to name a few.

They are everywhere and the best course of action is to join the club and make your reservations on the Marriott site.  Check back before you leave, if the rates have gone down and there is still time, cancel your reservation and reserve at the new rate.  Now if you are going at high season to a crowded location, the rates are usually competitive however remember when you join the loyalty you are accumulating points towards a free night’s stay. When it is not high season or a less traveled road, the rates can be amazing, especially when you throw in a free breakfast at many locations.

The site is easy to navigate, holds all your reservations with no penalty for cancellation, and keeps track of your points.  There are also specials and vacation deals offered through out the year. And for those planning business conferences, they have plenty of options.

Why spend half your morning searching for a cup of coffee?  It’s nice to come down to the lobby, grab a bagel, muffin, some cereal, or fruit, then go back to your room to pick up your briefcase or tour guides. There are many chains however this one has always delivered the goods at a great price.


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