National Wildlife Federation Camp Out

On the night of June 23, join families across the country in the Great American Backyard Camp Out.  Now as you know, the Frugal Diva is not a camper however they say you could even try spending the night in your own backyard. This didn’t sound too bad. You could even jog back into the house to use the bathroom and there are usually no wild animals to worry about. They even give you reasons why children benefit from camping. For someone who spent their entire childhood reading and afraid of the dark, this was a revelation.

Now everything is free – camping tips, finding participating campsites, how to safely start a campfire and even songs to sing – with registrations however they are doing this as a fundraiser. If you have the ability to donate or get sponsors in your area that helps the National Wildlife Federation keep up all these great programs.  Join with friends, coworkers, neighbors, or your family and see how spending a night outdoors creates lasting memories. Smores, anyone?