Save Bucks – Breakfast At Home

Frugal Divas need their coffee and it better be good and fresh. Now we don’t need all that expensive equipment. A blender and a coffee maker will get you to the same place as a $2000 super duper coffee making machine. Frankly my car isn’t even worth that much.

Jennifer Moss of, gave me this great tip on becoming a coffee diva with home ground beans.  Maybe you don’t have counter space for a grinder and don’t want to shell out the money for it.  Jennifer says “Then use your blender!”  Most coffee grinders are mini-blenders with the same kind of blades at the bottom of them. Fill the blender half way with coffee beans and choose the setting, just like you would on a grinder: for example chop=course grind, frappe = fine grind. Don’t fill it more then half way, or it won’t grind all the beans. And here’s an added benefit: you won’t get all that “coffee dust” that you get with a grinder!

Cleanup: just run hot water in the blender carafe until there are no more coffee grounds. Make your coffee in any drip or press and you will have the best for the least amount of money.

And how about a little something to start your day, make fresh oatmeal or an egg on a muffin. Take a small microwave safe container and crack a raw egg into it. Place a paper towel over the container. Microwave anywhere from 25 to 50 seconds depending on your microwave and the degree of firmness that you prefer. At the same time slip an English muffin in the toaster. When it pops up, slip the egg into muffin, add a piece of cheese if you like and you have a nutritious and satisfying breakfast.

You have all the choice and save about $4 a day. Multiply the savings, subtract the extra calories and you have a great financial and nutritious benefit to being a Frugal Diva.


  1. tony Roberts | 16th Nov 09

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  2. Laura P. | 19th Aug 10

    We’ve been doing egg muffins at our house for years. My husband tends to crash hard without a healthy dose of whole wheat and protein.

    Tip: Make sure you scramble the egg. Microwaves and sunny side up don’t get along.

    Laura P.

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