Break your cable chains.  Stop searching through 400 channels and finding nothing to watch.  Those who are trying to save on cable or giving up cable here is the solution. gives you access to television the way you want it – free, watch what you want when you want, and with the most minimal of commercial breaks (about sixty seconds altogether).  Start a show, stop it, take a break, and finish it later. There is a charge for hulu plus however there is more then enough to watch for free.

My only problem is tearing myself away when I could be watching five episodes of House.  Or catching up on the Jon Stewart Show or the Colbert Report. Actually as I am writing this, I have last night’s Daily Show on.  Lost fans, here is your chance to figure out what is going on. Foodie fans watch your faves like Giada Cooks Italian and Bobby Flay. Introduce kids to old episodes of your favorites like the Dick Van Dyke show, the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, Sesame Street, and the Benji movies. And they have even more niche items like highlights from the Auto show, interviews with the stars, and the training of Olympic speed skaters.

Investing in a good computer monitor will enhance the experience.  This is a one time expense as opposed to a huge monthly fee.

This is a perfect Frugal Diva experience – all choice and no fees.