UNIQLO started in Japan with well priced, well made clothes and accessories for men, women, kids, and toddlers.  In San Francisco, the line was blocks long when they debuted.  With only five brick and mortar stores in the USA, they have finally opened an online shopping site.

Light weight cold weather vests and jackets in a variety of colors are one of their specialties. They have all the basics covered and then some choices of eye popping yellows, pinks, and oranges for a total of 17 colors. They look slim cut however there is a chart that goes up to XXL. Remember nobody knows your size on the internet. There is no skinny sales person shocked that a size over one digit even exists.

If you are skittish about ordering clothing, try some of their fun accessories.  Warm scarves, fashion scarves, and a poncho are just a few of the non sized items.  Adorable checked gloves and cozy hats will add a bit of dash to the dreariest winter days.

The kid’s items are so adorable.  You will be able to spot your child a mile away in the lime green parka one of the seven colors available.

They have a $5 of $50 coupon for first time purchasers valid until November 3o, 2012.  Every week they post new discounted items.

As always, please check shipping and return policies.