Beauty Without Cruelty

Never has the word “no” been so welcome.  No dimethicone, no paraben, no mineral oil, no animal testing or products make the BWC Hand & Body Lotion worth trying.  Vitacost had sent me a bottle to review and this is The Frugal Diva’s very unscientific report.  After one week of usage, I like it for the following reasons – it did not upset my sensitive skin, it absorbed quickly, left no filmy residue and my skin felt softer immediately after application.

All these things would be immaterial to The Frugal Diva for a high priced bottle of lotion however at $8.19 for an 8.5 oz. bottle, this product went to the top of my list.  It shows that you can pass up all those expensively packaged bottles at departments stores, not have to pay the same amount as a week’s worth of groceries, and still get a natural product at a great price. It just takes a bit a research. After all didn’t they invent the Internet so we could find the best bargains?