Track Airline Prices With Yapta

The Frugal Divas likes to know that they are getting the best deal possible and with travel there are so many options.  However who has the time to track every price change. And once you book who even wants to think about the fares and rates.  That’s why for airline tickets and hotels is a great idea.

At no cost to you, they track prices and let you decide if this is a good deal. I’m going to quote from their website since they explain it so well. “Yapta is intended to help you get a handle on fluctuating travel prices so that you know when to “buy low”. Yapta conducts daily price checks on the specific flights and hotels that you choose, and alerts you when prices drop or when they fall within your budget.”

Plus they will let you know when a price drops after you have purchased. More valuable information from their website:

“Already booked an airline ticket? Yapta can still help you save. Most U.S. airlines have “guaranteed airfare” policies that enable you to claim a travel credit if the price of your flight drops after booking it. Not many people know that the policy even exists – nor do they bother to check the price of their flight after purchasing it. Yapta will track the price of the flights you’ve already booked and – if the price drops below what you paid – it will alert you when you’re eligible for a refund or travel credit from the airline.”

This is a great service for those who are overwhelmed by the myriad of prices and restrictions out there. Bon voyage!