Easy Trader Joe’s Combos

Trader Joe started out in the Los Angeles area and the inhabitants consider it more a playground then a store. We call it TJs or the Trader and they need no advertising to bring us inside. With it’s combination of healthy food and ever changing snacks and possibilities for meals, we just gravitate there as if it was a friend’s house. Now that they have spread across the country, the Frugal Diva would like to share her quick combos. These are more guidelines then recipes.

Easy Gazpacho

Garden Patch Juice, Cucumber, Green Onion, Cilantro-Throw a cup or more of juice into the blender with other ingredients to your liking, pulse and enjoy. Optional Dash of Hot Sauce or sliced avocado.

Easy Meatball Dinner

My choice is Turkey Meatballs (beef or vegetarian are available) cooked in Trader Giottos Marinara. Prepare frozen Mushroom Risotto according to instructions and serve alongside.

Easy Yummy Snack

Warm a slice of TJs French Toast, put a piece of any TJ chocolate on top and eat burrito style (fold the bottom up and bring the sides together so it doesn’t drip chocolate).

Easy Pizza Dinner

Take any pizza from the frozen food department, top with some extra goodies like fresh mushrooms or jalapeno slices. When it comes out of the oven throw on some arugula.

Easy Almost Caesar Salad

Cook some chicken breasts on the stove top, slice when done. Shred some romaine and use a TJs dressing.

Easy Rice Bowl

Heat some TJ’s frozen brown rice, put in a microwave safe bowl and plop an egg on top or add some tofu, microwave around 30 seconds, remove bowl and add some of the TJ kimchi. Grain, protein, veg, and fermentation all in just the time it takes to get the brown rice done on the stove.

Easy Summer Lunch

Chill Butternut Squash Soup, pour out one serving, add a dollop of plain yogurt and a sprinkling of sliced almonds.

Easy Tuna and White Bean Salad

One can Canellini Beans, one can Tuna, dump into bowl, chop a bit of celery and onion, add balsamic and olive oil to taste.

Easy Breakfast

Whole Wheat Bread, toast one slice, spread ricotta cheese or peanut butter and top with any of the delicious fruit spreads.

Easiest Dessert

Any pastry from their frozen food bins. My favorite is the box of Macarons (they defrost really quickly in an sugar emergency) in various flavors and the French Fruit Tart.

All items subject to availability.

Enjoy and let me know your quick favorites!!