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Entertainment Book

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 15th May 2014

It has been a long time since the Frugal Diva toted around the Entertainment Book. I had lost touch with the great savings that could be had by buying a membership. Everything from dining to car washes to hotels are available at a discount. The best news is that they have moved into the digital age with a user friendly app.  If you are traveling to the East Coast, receive the 2014 book now for only $5 and they will send your 2015 Greater New York City & North Jersey Entertainment® Book next year for $5 off the retail price with free shipping. PLUS, as an Annual Renewal Member, you get early access to great member benefits!

Families especially love the Entertainment Book , not only do they have many kid friendly restaurants, they also have tickets to a variety of attractions, fun activities like bowling, theater tickets, and exercise classes just to name a few.  With summer vacation coming up this is an especially good time to take advantage of the coupons for a day of paintball and a pizza for dinner afterwards. Or treat Mom to a spa day while the kids sign up for Brazilian Jujitsu.

Disclaimer: I received a free activation code in order to research this article.

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Click Here Before You Buy

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 22nd July 2013

The Frugal Diva loves to buy online – better prices, no parking problems, product reviews- however there are ways to cut the price even further.  Here is a list of sites that give coupons, money back, or shipping reductions.

BeFrugal.com has lots of cash back and coupons plus a bio of The Frugal Diva.

Fat Wallet gives you coupons and cash back.  Register and Click through from their site and start seeing dividends for your shopping forays.

Coupon Cabin is a reliable site for both online and printable coupons. The $5 off at Target is for $50 which is usually the amount needed to get free shipping resulting in a double savings.

Amazon has daily deals that might be just the ticket coupled with free shipping on some items.

And always check with The Frugal Diva for the latest in deals.

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Back To School Savings Start Now

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 16th July 2013

Sure we just celebrated the 4th of July however Frugal Divas know that shopping early means saving big time.

Below are back to school tips from BeFrugal.com founder Jon Lal for parents, teachers & college students.

Back to school money saving advice for parents and college students

  1. Get organized to avoid overspending. Make a shopping list and set a budget. Look through items you already own before shopping.
  2. Start early: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy the more specific back to school items on your list. The selection can get picked over as the school year approaches. Prices will drop at the last minute, so you can get a deal on more basic supplies if you aren’t picky about the type of binder or pencils you buy.
  3. For clothing, consider shopping at outlet malls, discount stores like TJ Maxx and consignment shops. Some consignment stores (like Plato’s Closet) specialize in clothing for younger people. Clothing swaps are another frugal option.
  4. Buy back to school items online. It offers the ability to use a promo code for immediate savings off your bill plus earning cash back, a percentage of your transaction deposited into your free account. For this reason, you can save more money (and time) by doing the following:
    • Make your purchases online whenever possible: Shopping online means one can earn cash back in addition to coupon code savings. Plus, you can shop from home and often you can get free shipping.
    • Always use an online coupon: Go online to find free coupons for purchases. It’s quick and the savings really add up. On BeFrugal the average coupon saves the shopper $27. If you have the BeFrugal free Couponomatic browser add-on, you will not even need to look for a promo code. This tool magically presents you with a drop down list of promo codes when you are at the checkout stage: http://www.befrugal.com/addon/
    • Pay with a rewards credit card: You can earn points, miles, or more cash back through your credit card in addition to using a coupon and earning online shopping cash back through a site such as BeFrugal.com. You can put the rewards toward a family vacation. Just be sure to pay off your balance and use a card that offers rewards you can use.

5.       Use your computer as a resource, even if you are going to the store to shop:

    • Online weekly ads tell you what’s on sale near you. Stores like Target, Walmart, Macy’s and more have a variety of school supplies on sale and department stores often have sales announced in their weekly ads.
    • Print coupons for free from coupon websites like BeFrugal.com. Look at printable retail coupons to save on back to school clothes, dorm furniture, computers, etc.

6.       Save on snacks & school lunches:

    • Make your own snack size packs. Buy a big quantity of snack items like crackers or nuts then portion out your own snack size amounts for lunches. There’s more value in purchasing a larger size container instead of snack size portions.
    • Reuse packaging. Instead of throwing away your money with tons of Ziploc and paper bags, buy one reusable lunch bag and some small Tupperware.
    • Sandwiches don’t have to be on bread. Sometimes other items like English muffins go on a mega-sale like buy 1 get 2 free, making them hard to pass up as a smart buy. Purchase them on sale and use them instead of bread for lunch sandwiches.

Back to school money saving advice for teachers

1.       Take advantage of teacher discounts. You can save on everything from professional clothing to supplies needed in the classroom.

2.       Consider purchasing larger volumes to lower the per unit cost of school supplies. Warehouse stores like Cosco and BJ’s can offer savings.

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Frugal Tips For Celebrating Easter

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 25th March 2013

Below is Easter advice from Jon Lal of BeFrugal.com. Filling up a holiday basket doesn’t need to empty out people’s wallets.

  • Look for free community events such as Easter egg hunts for kids.
  • Instead of buying tons of pastel decorations, pull out anything light colored, spring-like or bunny-related that you already own. A little creativity can save a lot of cash! Perhaps some pastel holiday ornaments can make a centerpiece by filling a pretty bowl, or a bunch of carrots can be arranged in a vase for an appropriate flower alternative. If you host an Easter gathering annually, head to the party store the day after the holiday this year and score décor on clearance to use next year.
  • Always save your Easter baskets to use again next year. You can add a bow to a basket from a bath and body store gift or food gift basket instead of purchasing a new basket.
  • Don’t waste your cash buying fancy clothing you’ll only wear once on Easter Sunday. Look at your closet instead to see what “Sunday best” items you already own.
  • If you plan to celebrate by enjoying wine with Easter dinner, check for rebates on alcohol. In addition to sales, mail in rebates can really lower the cost, sometimes you can even get paid to buy the product!
  • When hosting a family gathering to celebrate, tell guests it’s BYOB. This will significantly reduce your costs. If you live in a state with a deposit on cans, you may even profit from hosting a family gathering.
  • Check the sales flyers to see what grocery items are on sale for Easter dinner. Also check for sales on Easter candy. Drugstores and big box stores like Walmart or Costco can also provide savings. Don’t forget to look for a grocery coupon! You can often “matchup” coupons and sale items for extreme savings.

Don’t forget the 99 Cent Only stores  in California and dollar stores across the country for last minute accessories!

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Valentine’s Day Frugal Tips

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 28th January 2013

True love means never over spending to impress someone. Coupon & savings expert Jon Lal – founder of BeFrugal.com – provides the following money-saving tips for Valentine’s Day:

  • In an effort to save, many will make gifts. This is fine if you enjoy doing so, but consider the cost of your time as you make cookies, an old-fashioned homemade paper valentine or write a poem. Using technology can help you save time, while remaining original. You can publish a free iTunes playlist of love songs or use the app Songify to create your own love song.
  • If you’d rather purchase a gift, create a budget and consider gift ideas before shopping. After you have a plan, shop online so you can save more money. Always look for a free promo code for a discount or free shipping plus shop through a cash back site to earn cash back for free. You can often combine a discount and earn Cash Back.  Plus, if you pay with a rewards credit card, you can also accumulate some points. Just be sure to pay that off so you avoid interest.
  • Even those on a budget can treat their sweetie to a night out. Be sure to check for a restaurant coupon and consider dining out for dessert only to reduce your spending.

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Coupon Rules

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 21st February 2012

Coupons rule and you need some rules to make them work.

1. Do not use a coupon if the item is something you don’t want or need. If you hate strawberry pop tarts don’t buy ten boxes, if you never bake don’t buy two for one bags of flour, and if you are dieting don’t stock up on chocolate chip cookies.

2. Do use coupons with store discounts for the best price possible.

3. Be careful with perishables. You might be making ten apple pies, eating broccoli every day for a week, or watching cheese turn moldy.

4. Do stock up on non perishables. This is a great way to make sure you have chicken broth, grains, and pasta for the next six months.

5. Loyalty programs bring you coupons and opportunities to save. Pick one and stick with it.

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Posted by The Frugal Diva on 19th October 2011

When another scarf is just not the answer.  As the holidays approach, here are some unique gifting ideas in the daily deals from 8coupons.com.

8coupons collects and organizes deals from every deal source (Groupon, Living Social, Eversave, KGB, BuyWithMe, Gilt, YourBestDeals, DoubleTakeDeals, Dealfind, Dealster, Goldstar, Restaurant.com, Zozi, Weforia, Juice in the City, Signpost, plus over 300 others).

Simply log on to 8coupons or sign up for their email and see ALL the deals near you ….or in the zip code of a loved one. Whether it’s a spa, a restaurant, or an adventure, there are tons of interesting gift ideas available every day.

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Great Grocery Coupon App

Posted by The Frugal Diva on 10th August 2011

If you haven’t yet heard, Coupon Sherpa just added an awesome new feature to their mega-popular Coupon Sherpa iPhone app – it now features GROCERY coupons you can add directly to your store loyalty card!  Just enter your zip code, find your favorite store and see what coupons are available in your area. Once you’ve saved the coupons you want, they’re ready to use. All the cashier has to do is swipe or scan your card.

Recent feedback from their users tells them that groceries are topping many of their wish lists for where to save money in the second half of 2011.  In a world where many of us are constantly on the go (and lacking that leisure time to peruse circulars and clip grocery coupons) their latest app update should go a long way towards realizing those goals!

Since  they had grocery coupons on the brain, this week they have also published a new list as an alternative to mobile shopping (i mean, sometimes you just gotta sit back and relax, right?): “34 Companies Offering Grocery Home Delivery.”  Prices and rules vary (make sure you try one that lets you use manufacture coupons!), but with this list + their new app, your shopping needs should be covered both when you’re out and about, or sticking close to home.

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