Small Is Beautiful – Weddings Part Two

If you are planning a very small wedding, consider Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse at 9355 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. At this time, they are available on Thursdays only. I had the pleasure of attending a close friend’s wedding and it was adorable. First of all there is the excitement of all the couples, families, and friends waiting for the big moment.  Bring flowers and bring a camera preferably one with a video feature.

The wedding ahead of us was a bride, her parents and sister, and the groom, his parents and brother. I was wondering how this would work out . Later I realized how easy it was to have a group this size.

You are called by the magistrate. That day it was a fabulous woman named Bronwyn.

What a great surprise. They have outfitted this room with white drapes, eight chairs covered with white fabric and an artifical flower covered arch above the podium. There is ample standing room for extra guests. It had the feeling of an intimate alcove.The ceremony itself is simple however Bronwyn embues it with a warmth and sincerity that you don’t expect from a public official who does this all day long.

Afterwards we went to Maggiano’s in the Grove. All the courses are served family styl and  the food is delicious. This chain has quantity but it never sacrifices quality. No matter what nationality you are doesn’t everyone love an Italian wedding. They comped us a cheesecake dessert with congratulations spelled out in chocolate. Then we spied another group from the courthouse proving that this is the place to celebrate.

If you just want immediate family or your best friends or just want a marriage founded in simplicity – go to the Beverly Hills Courthouse or call (310) 288-1261.