DSW – Need I Say More

Shoes have many good qualities. They are loyal. Gain a few pounds and your jeans will turn on you.  However you have to gain a lot of weight to out grow your favorite pair of pumps.  They wait quietly at the back of the closet until that perfect occasion when only red heels with white polka dots will do.  And you can try on endless pairs without taking off your clothes.

The best place to spend countless hours looking, trying on and maybe even buying – DSW. So much more than those three letters. It’s a place to hang out and meet other people. If only they served beverages and light snacks, one could easily spend the entire day there. I don’t know whether it’s the sheer choice of all those aisles or the friendly salespeople or the unbelievable prices that make this a such a great destination.

And like everywhere else, it’s more fun if you join the club. It costs nothing and you start getting little notices. Before you know it, points start accumulating, coupons are in the mail, and you are on your way to even greater savings.

This is the type of hunting that I’m talking about. They send me a $10 coupon good for any purchase over $59, I buy a $55 pair of Anne Klein loafers (listed at $79 on the AK website), that are reduced another 50% on clearance to $27 and use the coupon – bringing the grand total to$17 dollars and change plus tax.

Tell them your birth date and they send you a $5 coupon good for that month. Hey, it may not seem like a lot but it’s more then the other stores are doing for me. DSW, a company that helps you look good without spending too much money.

This is a also a great place to buy gifts items-socks, bags, slippers, and gift cards.


  1. AM | 24th Jan 09

    I love DSW. Once you become familiar with the layout of the store – its not intimidating. I always head to the clearance section first – and yes join the club…you can save so much more

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