Bloomingdales – Still The Greatest

Now you might wonder why a Frugal Diva would cross the threshold of an upscale department store. Here’s why – fantastic sale, coupons that give you $25 off for every $100 that you spend, and the need for a new dress for a very special occasion.  So at the Beverly Center Bloomies, I went to the 3rd floor ready to just walk in and walk out.  These clothes looked perfect if you were young, thin, and trendy. Luckily for me, I was helped by Pamela Ruday (if I misspelled your name, please email me and I will correct it).

Just a little background here, I worked for a women’s knitwear company and had accumulated a nice wardrobe .  It had been about three years since I had seriously shopped for a frock and I wasn’t even sure what was in style anymore. I wasn’t sure what would look good on me and many times had entered a store only to leave without trying anything on. Here I was ready to bolt when Pamela appeared. I explained my situation and she showed what a great salesperson can do when confronted with a woman who wants to flee and will be condemned to wearing a five year old dress that had passed classic to just being old.

Pamela started showing me possibilities. Explaining that certain of these dresses would look much better on the body then they did on the hanger. I looked but I did not believe until they were on me and I actually looked good-dare I say it not only good but confident and just a little hot. Now I asked her to start with only sale dresses and she came up with ten choices which we narrowed down to two DKNY styles that I loved.  One was a black number that looked like a sack on the hanger until she showed me how to pull up the skirt and blouse the top. Amazing, all of sudden this was so flattering that I didn’t want to take it off. The other was a black tank top attached to a light weight tweed skirt that looked like two pieces. At home, I tossed on a draped camel jacket and this became a fantastic ensemble.

The prices?  The original price of $195 became $104.50 after the sale and coupon deduction. The $295 dress became $46.95 after the sale and coupon deduction. How did this happen?  I had to throw in a pair of DKNY sheer pantyhose for $20 (we added the stockings to bring the total to over $200 so I could use two $25 off a $100 coupons) and the total was $168.46 before tax. That’s two DKNY dresses and stockings and you can return them if you change your mind later.

Oh, I also got  a $15 gift certificate that can be used after the sale bringing my total down to $153.46.  They think I will spend alot more than the $15 however that’s were they will be wrong.  It looks like I have another pair of  pantyhose in my future.

Remember Frugal Divas bargains are everywhere however they are only a bargain if they look good and you wear the item. Pamela you saved the day!

Become a Bloomingdale’s Insider and receive coupons by signing up for a credit card. You don’t have to use however it insures that you will be ahead of the curve when they have sales.


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