Deals At The Gap

The Gap is back!  They have made some great choices and gone back to basics this season and it is a pleasure. Good cuts, interesting little details, and friendly salespeople make this a fun experience.  And the store sales make this a great place for the whole family. Kids, babies, men, and women shop the great offers for savings. 

Now their loyalty program is tied into getting a GapCard and I only endorse the idea if you are going to pay it off every month.  They give you 20% off your first purchase and subsequent offers including free shipping off the website.  Please check with the website since offers are usually time limited.  You can also try the outlets for further reductions.

Now what did I find on sale at The Gap. Two lovely knit tops suitable for work that were half off and reduced to $24.99.  A great shirred T-shirt that concealed instead of revealing for $29. You can always wait for the next sale.  This was at the Marina Marketplace store, 13455 Maxella Ave in Marina del Rey, CA. Jessie helped me in the dressing room, giving expert advice on sizes and styles and Mark helped me at the counter telling me about all the deals – present and future. 

After years of not being in the shopping mode, I am rediscovering that looking good is part of feeling good.


  1. Bari Kaplan | 30th Jul 09

    ***THE DIVA ROCKS!!!!**** Thanks to the Diva, I ventured over to the GAP to check out her tip about the additional 30% off regular and sale priced items and I am still in shock over my purchase: an adorable hooded pull-over with pockets, priced originally at $34.50 and a pair of “Long & Lean” jeans, originally priced at $49.50. My total came to….(drum roll, please)….$13.78! The jeans just so happen to be the right, petite length for me, which adds to my savings as it costs more than what I paid for both items just to have a pair of jeans hemmed! Diva, my new items will henceforth be known as my “Frugal Diva Honorary Outfit!”

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