So Many Discounts Sites, So Little Time

The Frugal Diva never thought she would say this but there are toooo many discount sites. Who has the time to roam all these sites?   If you are a groupon groupie, a dealpop maven, or a daily candy addict make a beeline for which aggregates over 200 discount sites in 20 cities.

Now my philosophy regarding these sites is if you were actually going to use the services of a place, eat at a restaurant anyway, or if you want to try something new within your budget go for the discount.  However never think you are saving money by spending.  The hot pink skirt you bought on sale and never wore is the most expensive item in your closet. The most expensive meal you eat is the one you never intended to buy without the discount.  Always factor in whether you would be spending this money if not for the discount.

However if you do benefit from these sites, Yipit makes life a lot easier.