Save With Savvy

Divas, thrifty gals, bargain hunting moms, coupon clipping dads, and everyone else devoted to saving money at the supermarket need to check out They combine two of my favorite concepts. Free as in free as a bird, as in costing you no money, as in no fees. And saving as in spending less, as in getting great value for your dollar, as in more money towards those metallic sandals you saw last week.

Now as a disclaimer, it is important to state that the Frugal Diva has been consulting on this site. What is more important is that while consulting, I learned how to maximize my savings while grocery shopping. Given that we all have to eat and sometimes even take time to feed those around us, why did we never know the price of milk before going to the market? If I’m going to stop at a few markets during the week, it makes sense that staples should be purchased where they are cheaper. With gas prices up, no way am I driving around to find out.

On the Save With Savvy site, you just need to put in your zip code and choose the markets where you shop. Really, that’s all they ask for you to try it out. Then you can frolic among the categories and see what market has the best buys. You can move over to the weekly specials and choose from the up to date listings.  As you add items, a list forms on the right.  When you finish, you can either save and print the list or have them do a comparison to show if you missed any savings. Maybe swap buying those Fuji apples from TJs to a weekly special price at Ralphs. Ooh la la, asparagus and salmon for a romantic dinner when the price is right. Chicken breasts at an all time low this week can be frozen for a holiday BBQ. Wisk or Tide or All? See where the biggest savings are for your brand. They are still loading up the coupon section however very shortly you will be able to add online coupons.

The best part is the lovely printed list. As we all know, the list is the single best savings tool. While it is appropriate for divas to get carried away, the grocery store is not the place for spontaneity. If you never drank guava/acai juice before; buying 10 bottles on sale will not make it tickle your taste buds. We all know the golden rule – the most expensive thing you buy is the one you never use…and be nice to others.

Right now they are just in LA county so the rest of the country has to wait for this fabulous resource.