They say that everything that goes up must come down.  With Goldstar you bring down the price of theater, wine tasting, and sports events.  You get to join Goldstar for free and each ticket has a fee attached to the price.   This might be the perfect time to gift your partner, business associate, or friend with an outing to their or your favorite venue.

Let’s walk through the process with Hair at the Pantages. The Frugal Diva has a soft spot for this play from her era and wants to share the experience with the Frugal Dude.  Place an order for two tickets for Friday night in the rear orchestra.  They come to $50 each with fees while the full price ticket is $78.  This is a savings of $28 per ticket plus the Goldstar fee.

They also feature discounted cooking classes,  children’s theater, massages, and sporting events.

There are a lot of newbies on the discount scene however the Frugal Diva likes oldies that deliver the goods. Count on Goldstar to have the best and be sure to check out their listings in other cities including NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and Viva Las Vegas.

Disclaimer:  Goldstar has always been one of my “go to” discount entertainment sites however now that there are all these new rules please be aware that I serve on the NU Club of LA board with Toni Perling who is employed by Goldstar.