Green Tips For The Holidays

Try these green wrapping and decorating ideas from Whole Living. My favorite is wrapping gifts in reusable items such as scarves, kitchen towels, or wash clothes.

Eco Lizzie has fun ideas for gifts under $15 that include a reusable to go flatware set for $7. Check out her 5 simple ways to green your New Year.

Who better then the Sierra Club to give you great green suggestions for the holiday season. For all those getting new phones,  you can drop off that old phone at any Staples store, as part of the Sierra Club cell phone recycling program. Each year, 130 million cell phones are thrown out, weighing approximately 65,000 tons. Recycling your old phone prevents hazardous elements like mercury, cadmium and lead from ending up in our landfills.

The EPA is a wonderful government agency that makes sure our air and water stay clean. Help them out by following winter energy saver guidelines.