Drugstore Cowgirl

The drugstore of today is more a mini department store then a simple pharmacy. Though if you need help with over the counter treatments, rest assured there is a kindly and sometimes quite attractive professional to help. As always join the club at CVS and get further discounts and coupons.

When did they start to carry good wine? And at a discount? With great sales, you know that you are getting the finest  quality for drinking or gift giving. Buy a bottle of wine, some chocolates or cookies, a gift bag, and you have the makings of a lovely present for coworkers, neighbors, or friends.

Need a quick toy for a tot and don’t want to brave the big box stores. CVS has quite the respectable toy section. Good to know that Play-Do never goes out of style. Check out the paper goods for fun pens or get some great hair accessories. Put together some things that are more fun then one big item.

And they have food, not fresh organic produce but cereals, soups, and odd things that you might want on a Saturday afternoon when a snack attack strikes. Mixed nuts for company. Ice cream for sundaes.

One could roam forever in a drugstore. The shampoo aisle alone is good for an afternoon. Curly, straight, dyed, more volume, and every other permutation of hair cleanser is there. Me, I am an Aussie Miracle with voluminizing kind of gal. For less then $10, I can be pouffed to the max. For another few dollars, you can try the three minute conditioner. Soft, shiny, and luxurious hair is on the way.

Backpacks, vitamins for you and your pet, lip gloss, cotton swabs. In a pinch, the drugstore solves all problems.