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Divas like to be in shape. And that means at some point we have to exercise. Cheapest is walking. For those of you in colder climes, there is the mall.  And it will give you a chance to keep an eye on an item until it goes to it’s lowest price. For those of us lucky enough to be in Southern California, walk everywhere. If you need a few items at the market, try walking. It’s a twofer – you burn calories and save on gas. Walk out your front door and walk for a mile in any direction. Walk to the post office. This is the best way to start exercising and the best way to save on gas.

Now this is going to sound very unfrugal however joining a gym might be a good investment if (and this is a big if) you are going to use the facilities. I recommend the larger chains such as 24 Hour Fitness.(The Frugal Diva is a member however receives no compensations for mentioning them). They have more classes (aerobics to zumba), keep up the facilities nicely, you can use a variety of locations, and they probably will not be closing down any time soon. Remember to look for deals and bargain, bargain, bargain. They need members and you have all the power. Read the contract carefully and look for any hidden charges.

Ask for the free pass to see if it fits into your schedule. It should be either near home or work. The classes that you are interested in need to be at times that you can attend.  Remember if you don’t attend at least twice a week, this is a waste of money. The more you attend, the better the deal. The other benefit of the gym, it is a great option when you don’t have money to spend on other activities. It gives you choices that make you healthy and keep you out of the mall.  Saturday morning might be a yoga class, swimming, and a sauna – your very own day spa experience.

And many locations have Kid’s Clubs where children can hang out while you exercise.  This is fun place with activities,  games, and close supervision.  Kids’ Club availability, rates, and hours vary per location.

Good health is the best wealth.


  1. Laura P. | 5th Jan 11

    My (awesomest) employer offers workout facilities. But because of the drop in daycare, I’ve still invested in a gym membership. I might be able to run or bike most of the year, but the gym offers classes that add up to a bargain if I’m attending multiple times a week, and a resource for entertaining my two kids under 5 while I workout.

    Great post!

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