Create Your Own Social Network

How to build your business  by being social the old fashioned way. Go out and meet people where you have interests in common.  Activities where you are excited to participate will be better for you and your business.

Take a class. The Santa Monica Community College is still one of the great deals of all time. Fun classes in art, writing, and sailing. Classes to help you improve your job skills include computers and languages. This is a great place to do just a few classes or work towards an undergraduate degree.

Do a sport at your local park, join a gym or class, you will start meeting people that sweat near you. Try Power Yoga they have classes all day long and payment is by donation only.

Join your alumni group. They have them for everything – colleges, high schools, summer camps.  Most universities are helping network alumni who are in job transition.  Northwestern University has a great local club NU Club of LA (disclaimer, the Frugal Diva is on the board).

Help out a group you like. Volunteer at an animal adoption sanctuary such as St. Bonnie’s, teach people to read at the library, feed the homeless with Meals on Wheels.  There are so many opportunities and the person they benefit most is you. Nothing makes us feel better then taking the time to forget our own problems and concentrate on others.

You will meet people, help others, and as a by product people will learn who you are and what you do.


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