School Days

This is the great thing, you never have to stop learning.  At Santa Monica College you can try a new  language, improve your writing skill, or get a handle on Microsoft Excel. At Pasadena City College you can take self defense, history of Asian art, or beginning tap dance. The catalogs have many choices and different opportunities are available every semester.  And continuing education classes are given on nights and weekends.  There are also other community colleges in the LA area with preferred pricing for residents .

Imagine two or three hours a week where you can put away all your other concerns and concentrate on something interesting, interact with others, and come away with knowledge.  We are always looking for something new to do, trying to meet  people, and find networking opportunities. What could be better then a class where you have stimulating conversations, excitement over a topic, and new information.

Public libraries are also a great resource for classes and lectures.

Divas want more out of life and this is a fantastic way to get it.