Farmers Markets – Where and When Nationwide

Don’t you love the farmer’s markets? All that fresh produce with infinite possibilities for meals, great food stalls, and local products.  My only problem was figuring out where and when.  This site solved all my problems. has all the markets nationwide so you can keep up with any changes, find out what’s fresh that day, and plan your weekly produce shopping.

If you are in LA, try this site for the local markets which are listed on one page and you can sort by location, day, or time. In Culver City on a Tuesday afternoon, pick up some clementines. In Studio City on a Sunday morning, pick up some sweet potatoes.  In midtown on Wednesday afternoon try the Farmers’ Market at Barnsdall Art Park for Meyer lemons. Plus when you click on the market, it takes you to a page with the specific location, events, and specialities.

In addition to the freshest in-season produce, many also offer flowers, cheeses, baked goods, local artisans’ products, free-range chicken, and even seafood. Each market is unique and produce varies.  The Santa Monica market at Arizona and 3rd on Saturday morning is mostly organic. Look for the certified organic sign to be sure.

Divas, enjoy fresh air shopping, meet local farmers, and stay healthy with more produce in your diet.  Send this article to your Frugal Dude so he can pick up some great veggies for throwing on the grill.