Living Maxwell

What makes The Frugal Diva happy is finding a site with all the information needed for a topic.  Max Goldberg has taken the time and effort to make organic living just a little bit easier for all the rest of us.

With just two lists Max lets you know the fruits and vegetables that are the Dirty Dozen and should be avoided unless organic and the Clean Fifteen that have the lowest pesticide residue.  Now you can make an informed choice about what are organic must haves and which are acceptable even if not organic. Since organic can be more expensive this is a great way to move toward better eating without breaking your grocery budget.

Now speaking of budgets, here is a Frugal Diva find.  Living Maxwell has devoted a page to links for some of the organic food company coupons .   Savings on Stonyfield, Santa Cruz Organic, and many others are just a click away.

So don’t wait any longer to live better.  Or dare I say it, Maximize your potential. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.