Sierra Club

Now as we all know, The Frugal Diva is not much of an outdoor person however this is too much of a bargain to pass up.  You can now join the Sierra Club for only $15 and get a free Sierra Club Expedition Backpack (limited time only), one-year subscription to Sierra magazine, automatic membership in your local Chapter, and discounts on Sierra Club calendars, books, and other merchandise.

It was surprising to see activities where you did not have to be an experienced outdoors person. Beach walking really looked like fun and a great way to get legs in shape for the summer. There were moderate hikes that specified they were for beginners where you could see wild flowers blooming. There are definitely events for strenuous outings however The Frugal Diva considers 14 miles more of a short drive than a hike.

What makes this fantastic is that after joining almost all of the outings are free. Everyone always complains that no one walks in LA, this is an opportunity to meet like minded people and get some exercise. Outings take place all over the city and give you a chance to explore outside the urban environment. Of course, you can always come back to town for a non fat latte after the hike.