Food Storage Made Easy

If you want to save, you have to be able to store. Nothing helps you like Lock & Lock, (BPA free) the most fabulous containers for taking lunch, re-purposing left overs, and making sure that sipping water all day does not include buying disposable water bottles!

Where you can really cut out extra spending is on the little every day purchases. Latte a day, muffin a day, bottles of water, and snacks quickly become $20 to $30 dollars a week which becomes between $1000 and $1500 per year. That would make a nice little wardrobe or short vacation.  In many cases you are adding unwanted calories, preservatives, and fats.  One grande vanilla frappe has about 310 calories and usually costs over $3. Instead how about a one time purchase of the eco mug on sale for $14.11?  Fill it up at home with coffee or tea, a dash of vanilla, some low fat or soy milk, and a shot of honey. You control the sweetness, the flavoring, and the calories.

Pick up a muffin mix at the store or if you are adventurous, start from scratch at the  Eating Well site. Toss the extras in the freezer and take one out on your way to work, they will be just right by the time you get there. If you are enamored of yogurt parfaits, pick up a storage container and make your own interesting variations with granola and fresh fruit.

Sometimes the key to saving money is a little organization, a small initial investment for containers, and good time management.  Once you get in the habit of storing  leftovers, you will be able to throw together a brown bag lunch in minutes. A bit of chicken, some broccoli, extra greens that weren’t used, plus some black olives, capers, and your salad dressing in separate container – lunch becomes healthy, thrifty, and most importantly delicious.

These small changes make life better for you and help the environment.  A Frugal Diva twofer!