Finding the Best Back to School Clothing Deals!

Today we have a guest post from Jason DeCosta who writes about shopping and parenting.

Although the beginning of the academic school year can prove an unwelcome jostling to most kid’s peace of mind, parents relish in the back to school sales. Adding to the laundry list of necessary items for back to school season – books, pens, and folders – many parents scramble to locate the best deals on back to school clothes for their kids. This article will outline some general strategies to employ alongside some specific stores to frequent in order to locate the most affordable, highest quality back to school clothes.

Mailing Lists
Identifying one’s favorite clothing store and subscribing to that store’s mailing list might be the most prudent way to capitalize on back to school clothing deals. Sometimes the choice of store is almost chosen for parents because only certain stores carry, say, the right uniform or in vogue pair of jeans. At any rate, mailing lists can usually be found both online and in stores. The beauty of being on a mailing list is that you have a good chance of becoming the first parent on the block to be informed on back to school deals on clothes, school accessories, and backpacks.

As an adjunct to traditional mailing lists, parents might opt to look online or in stores for coupons on children’s clothes. Although quite similar to online mailing lists, coupons found online can apply to individual items and alert parents beforehand to upcoming sales. There are some helpful websites out there – like – that cater to just this kind of parental need. One would simply go on a site like, enter one’s location and favorite stores, and voila: instant savings on back to school clothes. Another effective strategy, perhaps less planned and more desperate than subscribing to a mailing list, is to enter the name of one’s favorite store alongside keywords like “savings” or “coupons” into a search engine and see what materializes. This is really a wildcard option but the payoff can be tremendous!

Free Shipping?

Most vendors savor this time of the year because it affords them the opportunity to generate revenue while moving clearance items. That said, the best deals can often be found online! Online retailers, like or, and broad purveyors of back to school merchandise, like, often provide free shipping on already discounted back to school items as further incentive to shop with them. Especially as regards the three sites in the last sentence, parents can actually do all of their back to school shopping – including clothes and school supplies – from an omnibus online retailer while paying zero dollars in shipping!

Search Engine Shopping!
Search engines like are not only places to squander time researching. In fact, sites like google are increasingly being used to pinpoint the best deals on apparel. From the main menu of top of the google homepage, parents would be wise to select shopping, enter the piece of clothing that they need most for their kids, or perhaps the items that their kids need most from their parents, and then filter the results by price. Oftentimes there can be a disparity of double the cost of the item, say a girl’s top or boy’s Converse shoes, between items of identical make and quality! As an added bonus many of the yielded items will be free shipping!

This article has investigated the ways in which parents can save the most time, money, and energy while purchasing back to school clothes for their kids. All of the listed options have included some online component. Actually all parents interested in saving money on back to school clothes should explore online shopping options. With perks like free shipping and optimized searching, why not?

Jason DeCosta writes about shopping, parenting & finding the most affordable dental insurance quotes.