Target Back To School

August, the last days of summer wind down to some of the best back to school shopping ever at Target.

School uniforms at the best price, sneakers for all sizes and sports, and backpacksto schlep books are cheap and cute.  The housewares department with bedding  and furniture for the kid’s rooms make this the year they can choose between craftsman and mid century modern nightstands.

I love the site gizmodo for review of all things electronic however when buying for kids you might want to think about duration. How long will this item last before it is broken, lost, or replaced by a newer model?  An Epson multifunction printer  will do the job and cost less then a set of cartridges for a more expensive model.

Students off to college need a lot of stuff.  Linens under $40, clocks to make sure they get to class on time, and their very own electric toothbrush to make sure they keep up good habits while away.

Whoopie, everyone is back to school!  Pick up some activewear for running, walking, or yoga now that you have the time.

Maybe pick up another one of those Epson printers for the road.

Can’t wait to hit the new City Target in Westwood!