Free Fun At The Library

There is a place with free books, free DVDs, free magazines, free books on CD, free Internet and use of reference materials. This place is called the public library.

I live in Los Angeles and the public libraries have provided me with reading material, books on CD, magazines, and fantastic DVDs including Louis Malle documentaries and The Simpsons Movie.  I listened to Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley on CD during a long drive.  I looked through two months of Martha Stewart Living.  Having a problem with your Internet? Just scurry over and use the library computers to answer your email. Take a chance on a new author, catch up on classics, take out a movie, find a book on a DIY project, the possibilities are endless. Bring the kids to take out an armful of children’s books. The library is recycling at its best.

They also have resources for job hunting and learning computer skills.

Think of it as a vacation from your routine. Pull up a chair, enjoy the quiet, and choose a reading adventure.