Deals On Meals

Eating at restaurants is inherently expensive however there are ways to whittle down the costs. is a big help in this area. They offer discounts in the form of prepurchased gift certificates. Now the most important part is to make sure this includes restaurants that you frequent or would like to try.  Read the restrictions which sometimes include minimum purchase prices and other fine print.

One of the best ways to use this site is for special occasions. You know you are going out for a birthday, anniversary, or to impress your new in-laws. Purchase a $50 gift certificate for $20 and save $30 off the price right away. Many places also offer a $100 gift certificate for $40 which knocks $60 off the bill.  Each restaurant has different rules so please check before you buy. Remember it only saves you money if you actually use the certificate and dining out is within your budget.

If you are in Los Angeles or New York or bi-coastal, try Blackboard Eats. Sign up for their newsletter and start partaking of their deals before they expire. No cost or obligation, just check out what they have to offer. Sometimes it’s a free tapas plate, sometimes a pre fixe dinner, or a global discount on your check. This is fun for interesting places that you might not venture into otherwise.  They cover the gamut from reasonable to high end trendy.

Families love the Entertainment Book , not only do they have many kid friendly restaurants, they also have tickets to a variety of attractions, fun activities like bowling, theater tickets, and exercise classes just to name a few. Right now they are offering two books for the price of $35. This makes a great gift for any family.