Green America Twofer

There is an easy way to give your loved ones a meaningful gift — even on the thriftiest budget!

Give the gift of Green America membership!

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Your first membership will cost just $20 and the second is absolutely free. With their gift, your friends and loved ones will receive:

Green America ‘s 2013 National Green Pages™— a directory of thousands of eco-friendly, socially responsible products and services in your area and online. Businesses are CERTIFIED with our strict screens.  No greenwashing here.

Guide to Socially Responsible Investing — Includes worksheets, tips, how-to articles and the most comprehensive directory of socially responsible investment services ever published.

Five issues of the Green American — our magazine for practical and powerful green ideas, including DIY solutions, lists of corporations who’ve been naughty and nice, and solutions for building a better future.

And personalized eCard announcing your gift!

But perhaps the best reason for giving Green America gift memberships is that you are helping to grow the movement of people working together to build a more just and sustainable society.