Extra, extra!

Sure there are no newsboys anymore (and now they would include newsgirls) but The Frugal Diva is still a sucker for the printed page. How lovely to sit with a cup of coffee and gently turn pages. First the entertainment section for movie reviews, then the business section for new products, then the local information, and the world at large. You can get it on your computer or iPad however it’s just not the same.  The newspaper is quiet no clicking noises, no ads wandering over your copy, and when you return with that second cup it’s on the same page you left.  And when you spill that same cup, the paper just soaks it up unlike the keyboard which gives off sparks and is never quite the same.

Maybe that’s not enough. You can usually get a special offer by calling the Los Angeles Times

And coupon collectors remember that the Sunday Times has enough coupons to make back your entire investment and more for the week.